6 Quick Tips for Great Reunion Attendance

1) Announce the reunion date at least 6-months in advance, and send invitations and registration information at least 4 months before the reunion.  Classmates need time to put the date on their calendar, make arrangements if coming in from out of town, and add the reunion cost to their budget.

2) Invite classmates from different clubs or organizations to join the reunion committee.  Having a diverse committee list makes the reunion feel like an event for everyone.

3) Divide the list of classmates and have committee members make personal phone calls to encourage classmates to attend.  Let your classmates know how excited you are to see them and how the reunion won’t be the same if they aren’t there.  You may also send personalized
e-mails – try to avoid mass e-mail blasts – but stay away from Facebook messages.  While Facebook is an easy way to connect with someone, it is also easy to forget that message sitting in your Facebook inbox. 

4) Even though the price rarely affects reunion attendance, let classmates know what is included with their ticket.  Be sure to mention a few intangibles, such as “seeing a high school friend for the first time in 20-years” or “an evening filled with stories only your high school friends could share”.

5) Spend time searching for lost classmates on Facebook and spokeo.com.  And, make it easy for classmates to find you to learn about the reunion.  Set up a reunion Facebook page, and post reunion information as part of your personal Facebook page’s status.   You’ll also want to include reunion information on your school’s website and in your local paper.  If you have a class reunion website, be sure to send the address in all your e-mail, Facebook and mailed correspondence.

6) Don’t plan a night-before-the-reunion Happy Hour.  It detracts from the big reunion celebration and gives classmates a choice as to which reunion activity to attend.  You’re having a reunion to bring your classmates together in one place at one time.  More than one event quickly defeats this purpose. 

Do you have any tips for having a fantastic turnout at your reunion?  Share them in the comments section below.

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