Is 2016 Your High School Reunion Year?

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High School Reunion Wisdom?

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How to Use Facebook to Promote Your High School Reunion

How to Use Facebook to Promote Your High School Reunion











Facebook is a great tool to promote a high school reunion and build excitement about the event.  Classmates who are part of the reunion committee can easily take turns posting on the class reunion Facebook group or page, as well as responding to posts by other classmates. The more active the page, the better.

Posts may be interactive, with open ended questions to involve your classmates, reminders about the reunion, or used as a way to pass along specific information.  Below are posting ideas to keep your classmates engaged before the reunion:

Interactive Posts

  • What song reminds you of our senior year?
  • What was your most embarrassing moment in high school?
  • Who was your favorite teacher?
  • Who was your prom date?
  • Tell about a time you almost got busted in high school.
  • How did you spend spring break our senior year?
  • What songs would you like to hear at the reunion?
  • Who did we beat in the homecoming football game our senior year?
  • Who can’t you wait to see at the reunion?
  • What is your favorite memory of high school?
  • You know you were a 1994 (mascot) if _______________.
  • What advice would you give to an incoming freshman at our high school?
  • What advice would you give to a graduating senior?
  • Complete this sentence:  In high school, I wanted to have a career as a _______, now I am a ______.
  • Post the yearbook photos from your senior year.  Encourage classmates to use their senior year photo as their profile picture the week before the reunion.
  • Ask classmates to post a picture of their family.  Create an album for the photos.

Reminder and Information Specific Posts

  • Provide an update on the reunion venue or hotel room block.  Include a link.
  • Share the reunion night menu.
  • Let classmates know to watch their mailbox because their reunion invitation has been mailed.
  • Remind classmates of registration due dates.  Include a link to your online registration.
  • Tag classmates who are considered lost because you don’t have a current mailing address.
  • Post a thank you to the reunion committee, and list everyone who helped with the planning.
  • Share a link of the weather forecast for your town the weekend of the reunion.
  • Post updates about your high school.  Did they beat your biggest school rival in the homecoming football game?  Have students recently received impressive academic recognition?  Was there a dedication for a new music facility?  Post photos and links to stories about the events.

You may have ideas that are specific to your class, maybe a “where were you when…” or “who else failed (teacher’s name) class?”  If you have an idea for a post, do it!  The goal is to reach your classmates, create fun and excitement for the reunion, and reconnect as your celebrate your reunion year.


Here’s My Card

The perfect card to pass out at your high school reunion.

Reunion Wisdom

A High School Reunion Mad Lib!

Our Top 5 Happenings of 2011

A Reunion Repeat
The Parkway Central Class of 1981 20-year high school reunion was the very first reunion we planned when we started Varsity Reunions in 2001.  The reunion committee was a fun group of ladies who worked hard to plan a great party f or their classmates.  Ten years later, we were delighted to partner with the committee to plan their 30-year event.  Thanks to Mary Hediger and the Parkway Central Class of 1981 for helping us reach an important business milestone.

That’s What She Said
With all the talk of Facebook and its affect on the high school reunion, more than one news outlet called to find out our professional take.  Each reporter seemed to have a different agenda for the high school reunion story, but our favorite was Ray A. Smith with the Wall Street Journal.  His multipage feature on attending a high school reunion, with an emphasis on what to wear, was informative, interesting and included a quote by us!

It’s a Blog!
During our 10 years of high school reunion planning, our website has gone through a number of revisions, refreshes and re-launches.  We were excited 2011 brought a new website with the new ability to blog.  Our goal has always been to provide fun, relevant, useful information for the high school reunion planning committee and the high school reunion attendee.  We have lots of ideas for future posts, including fun ways to serve food and how not to use Facebook to plan your high school reunion.


Kids Know Best
We were fortunate for the opportunity to be part of a class marketing project for the Management of Promotions class at the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL).  In September, four groups of students selected our company as their case study to analyze our marketing efforts and to offer new strategies.  Each group provided a comprehensive report, and while not every idea suggested is doable, their fresh take sparked our own new ideas.

50 is the New 40
The Lindbergh Class of 1961 50-year reunion was a delight, and it was a sincere privilege to partner with their reunion committee to plan their celebration.  With about ½ their class size attending, these Flyers wanted a party.  A specially invited guest was their high school principal, who attended along with his wife.  Planning reunions mean we frequently hear “We’re so old!  Where did those 10 years go?”  How great to see that at a 50-year reunion, no one cares anymore.