One-of-a-Kind High School Reunion Cake Creation

When it came time for the Lafayette Class of 1994 to celebrate at its 20-year reunion, a classmate, who also happens to own the very popular Frost Bake Shop in Memphis, TN, decided he wanted to make the event extra special.

Traveling back to St. Louis for the reunion, he transported this amazing cake creation to share with the 180+ classmates and guests attending.


This impressive cake created for a high school reunion included the name of every member of the graduating class. See more at

Featuring the school colors of black and gold, the school-shaped cake included the name of the high school, their graduation year, the mascot, AND the names of every member of the class.

This impressive cake created for a high school reunion included the name of every member of the graduating class.  See more at

Well done, Frost Bake Shop. Well done.

DIY Snack Bar for a High School Reunion

DIY Snack Bar for a High School Reunion from

To celebrate their 25-year reunion, the Schaumburg Class of 1989 wanted to do something a little different and a little more casual than the typical reunion event. Meeting at a local bar, the class opted for snacks and pizza instead of fancy hors d’oeuvres and food stations, resulting in a low-maintenance, low-cost reunion perfect for spending the evening reconnecting with classmates.

Even if the food served at your reunion is simple, you can still go big on presentation. For the Schaumburg 1989 reunion, we created a Snack Bar, and gave classmates lots of options, including 3 varieties of potato chips, honey wheat pretzels, white cheddar popcorn, and a bowl of assorted chocolates.

DIY Snack Bar for a High School Reunion from

Here is what you’ll need to create your own snack bar:
1) Lots of snacks. We wanted there to be something for everyone, so we made sure to offer a gluten free option (popcorn) and something sweet. Select 6 or 7 different snack varieties (potato chips, pretzels, candy, popcorn, corn chips, taco chips, Cheese-Its, Cheestos, Oreos, Twinkies, Doritos, etc.) and buy 2 family-sized bags of each for 100 guests. Except for the candy. You’ll probably want a third bag of candy.

2) Large bowls to hold each snack.

3) Tongs or scoops for each bowl.

4) Napkins in your school colors. You may also want to use the napkins to line the snack bowls for an extra splash of school spirit.

5) Paper trays or containers to use as plates. The kind of trays you see at carnivals work well.

6) Mini-signs for each snack item. We printed table tents with the name and brand of each snack, using ink in the school’s colors. Guests will appreciate knowing what is in each bowl, especially if their diet means they need to avoid a certain item.

7) Other decorations for the table. Photo confetti of yearbook pictures works well.

Since most reunions include alcohol, you’ll want a more substantial offering of food later in the evening. Pizza is a great choice. Order and pay for the pizza earlier in the day, and have it delivered. All you’ll need to do is set it out for your classmates to enjoy. You’ll want 3-4 types of pizza, including a vegetarian option and a pizza with a gluten free crust. Check with the pizza place to find out how many people each pizza serves and order accordingly. Be sure to have paper plates and extra napkins available.

Have you gone to an event with a Snack Bar, Potato Chip Bar or Candy Bar? Tell us about it in the comments.

DIY Snack Bar for a High School Reunion from

Table tent signs made from card stock are an easy way to label what is on your Snack Bar.

DIY Snack Bar for a High School Reunion from

Red and gold are the school colors for Schaumburg High School, so packages of Peanut M&Ms and Kit Kats were the perfect choice for the Snack Bar at their high school reunion.


Easy and Fun Super Bowl Recipe Idea

Looking for a new way to serve veggies and dip?  Buy individual glasses, usually for a couple of dollars each, drop in a 2-3 tablespoons of dip or hummus, add a variety of fresh vegetables, and voilà!  An easy, self-serving of a party standard.  We served these at the Prospect 1991
20-year high school reunion, but it is simple enough to serve at any party.


The same idea also works well with seven-layer dip!  (thanks to The Girl Who Ate Everything Blog for sharinig this cute idea!)