Does the Class Reunion Ticket Price Matter?

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There is a simple reunion truth we learned early in our reunion planning business:  classmates who want to attend the reunion will, classmates who don’t want to attend won’t, and there isn’t much you can do to make a difference.  This includes ticket price.

Here is what we know:

  • This year, our average ticket price is $75 per person, and we’re seeing a higher percentage of classmates and guests attend their reunion than we have in the past 3 years.
  • Last year, our three highest priced reunion tickets, ranging from $82 to $85 per person, were also our three best attended reunions.  The reunion with the $85 ticket price had a 39% attendance rate of their class size.  The national average is 25%.
  • Also in 2012, our 5 least expensive reunions, at $54 to $64 per person, had an average attendance rate of 15% of the class size.

     So, what does it all mean?
1)      Classmates who want to attend to the reunion will go.
2)      Classmates who don’t want to attend the reunion won’t.
3)      Ticket price doesn’t make a difference.

Bottom line:
As a Reunion committee, you should be reasonable in planning a reunion that is accessible to all of your classmates.  Recognize not everyone can afford an expensive night out or that priorities on disposable income have their limits.

But also remember that your classmates know a high school reunion is a once-in-every-ten-years event.   It is something special, much like prom night or your high school graduation, and classmates expect the event to be an event, the type of event that makes you want to fly to your hometown, hire an overnight babysitter, buy a new dress, and be excited about the chance to see friends you haven’t seen in far too long.

Make your high school reunion memorable, make it fun, make it reasonable, but don’t worry too much about ticket price.  

OTHS 1993 Reunion Committee Says Thanks!

The O’Fallon Township Class of 1993 20-year reunion committee not only hosted a great party with a great turnout, they also took time out to celebrate Jennifer, their amazing reunion committee chair.  To say thank you for her fantastic leadership, positive attitude, and for being the all-around reunion cheerleader, the committee presented Jennifer with a basket featuring some of her very favorite things:  a gift certificate to a spa, a gift card to Mike Shannon’s Restaurant, Cardinal Bucks, and a bottle or two of her favorite beverage.

Way to go, O’Fallon Township Class of 1993!

OTHS 1993 Thank You Basket

Reunion Wisdom, Emmy Style

Time to Plan Your High School Reunion!

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It will be 2014 before you know it!  Now is the time to start planning your high school reunion!

Reunion Planning Wisdom

Most Likely to Be…

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Easy DIY Reunion Decoration Idea

Decorating at your high school reunion doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  It is easy to provide color and nostalgia with a hand punch and a little creativity.  Use scrapbook paper in your school colors and punch circles to add school spirit to a white or black tablecloth.  Then, print out the senior yearbook photos on cardstock and hand punch the pictures. 

For the McCluer North 1993 20-year reunion, we also added a printout of their senior panoramic photo, copied a page from their yearbook celebrating 1993, and included our megaphones and pom poms in their school colors.  Easy, inexpensive and fun!

It’s High School Reunion Meme Time



































High School Reunion Memorabilia Display

Check out this fun display of 20-year old high school keepsakes from a recent high school reunion.  T-shirts – lots of t-shirts – pom poms, mini-football, diploma, stadium cup, parking pass, and the senior class picture.  Well done, Parkway West 1992!

40 is the New 30

We loved this balloon display brought in by the University City Class of 1972 40-year reunion!  Fun group and fantastic reunion party!