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High school reunions can be a great reality check for what we’ve learned and how far we’ve come since we were high school seniors just trying to figure out what to do in the next year, let alone for the rest of our lives. Too bad we didn’t realize then that we might still be wondering today what it is exactly we want to do when we grow up.

Growing older does have its benefits, though. We discover who we really are, learn from our mistakes, and while we don’t have it all figured out, we can at least understand that we don’t understand everything.

High school reunion wisdom is something you recognize as you begin approaching your high school reunion. You probably don’t have it all figured out just yet, but you’ve learned there is wisdom that comes from living your life as an adult, even if you don’t always feel like an adult.

Below are a few of our favorite reunion wisdom quotes. You are welcome to download and distribute these graphics on Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, or any other way you may find useful as you plan or plan to attend your high school reunion.

Check back next week and we’ll share 8 more high school reunion wisdom quotes. And if we’ve missed your favorite piece of reunion wisdom, let us know in the comments section.

Using Movie Quotes to Promote Your High School Reunion

Using Movie Quotes to Promote Your High School Reunion from varsityreunions.com  #reunionwisdom

I love movie quotes.  Always have.  A great movie quote can inspire you, make you laugh, remind you of another time in your life, or even teach you a lesson.

Some of the funniest, heartfelt, and true to life quotes are from movies about high school.  Think about “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.” from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.” from The Breakfast Club.  Both quotes have the ability to take us back to when we first saw the movie and who we were with, while also finding a way to encourage us or teach us a life lesson.

Okay, so what does this have to do with your high school reunion?

Because some movie quotes make a statement while also bringing back a ton of memories, why not use them to promote your high school reunion event?

We’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite movie quotes from movies about high school and made them into fun images your reunion committee may use to post on Facebook, Instagram, or use in your reunion e-mails and mailings.  Use the image to promote your reunion ticket sales, ask a “remember when” question, or post it as a reminder of a shared experience for your class.  Be sure to use the hashtag #reunionwisdom.

And check back next week when we’ll share 8 more movie quotes for you to use.

Fun Conversation Starter for Your High School Reunion

This is a fun idea for your high school reunion. As a reunion icebreaker, post this question to see how your classmates might answer:

A fun high school reunion icebreaker idea from Varsity Reunions.  varsityreunions.com

Or, change the question to:  Before our next reunion, I want to…

How interesting to find out what your classmates want to accomplish in their lifetimes. Be sure to take pictures of the responses so you can share on Facebook or on your reunion website after the reunion. And you’ll want copies to include 5 or 10 years later at your next reunion event.

There are a few ways you can create a question and answer board:

  1. Hang poster board around the room with the question and appropriate lines for the answers. You may want to leave space for classmates to also write in their name.
  2. Those large post-it self-stick papers you see at conferences would also work well. Pre-write the question on multiple pages and place the post-it pad on an easel. As the paper fills up with answers, take off the top sheet and stick it to the wall. By the end of the evening, you’ve added to your reunion decorations with personal responses from your classmates.
  3. An old chalkboard or large dry erase board would also work well. Maybe the venue hosting your reunion has something in their office that you may use or rent for a small fee.

If you want to collect the answers before the reunion, ask the question on the reunion registration form. Use the responses as part of a slide show, or print out and place on cocktail tables around the room. This would be a great conversation starter during the evening.

Informal icebreakers are a fun addition at a high school reunion. Check our our Activities and Icebreakers Pinterest board for even more ideas.

High School Reunion Photo Booth Ideas

We love when classes decide to have a photo booth at their high school reunion. The fun props and the instant gratification of a picture printout only adds to the already festive party atmosphere.

If your reunion budget allows, you can hire a company to bring out their camera, printer, background and props, usually at the cost of $300 to $700 for the evening.

For reunions wanting to save a few dollars, you can set up a camera, purchase props at a thrift store, and have committee members volunteer to take shifts snapping the pictures. Even better if you can enlist the help of someone’s spouse or high school aged kid. Instead of printing out the photos, upload them to a Facebook page or hashtag the pictures for Instagram.

Check out some of our favorite props from the Mr. Pickles Photo photo booth at the Parkway Central Class of 2004 10-year reunion.

Classmates had a great time with the props and the pictures, taking more than 100 photos during their reunion.

Another easy prop idea is to create a photo frame using foam core or an old picture frame you find at a garage sale.  Thanks to our friends at Reunion Specialists, a San Diego based reunion planning company, for the idea (and the PHS 20 Year photo).

Looking for more photo booth and photography ideas for your high school reunion?  Visit our Photo Booth and Photography Pinterest Board.  It is loaded with creative ideas for your reunion.


Does the Reunion Ticket Price Matter? – Part II

High School Reunion Truths-7
Last year we wrote about reunion ticket price and how it really just doesn’t make a difference in the number of classmates attending the reunion. So, I decided to take a look at our 2014 reunions to see if the same holds true a year later.

In 2014, four reunions exceeded our average reunion attendance by at least 7%, and some by as much as 11%. These percentages may not sound like a lot, but they are the equivalent of 31-49 additional classmates and guests attending the reunion, enough to make you take notice that the reunion did something right to have such a great turnout.


Looking at what it cost to attend these four reunions, three of the events had ticket prices higher than $70 per person. Classmates wanted to attend the reunion and were willing to pay the ticket price.

For the reunion with the lower ticket price, it cost $55 per person to attend. But if you compare that class’ attendance to that of the same school’s class of 1993 reunion attendance, the class of 1993 actually had 5 more people attend with a ticket price at $72, or $17 per person higher.

We also saw the same thing with a class of 2003 and a class of 2004 reunion comparison from the same school. For the class of 2003, the ticket price was $89 per person. For the class of 2004’s reunion, the cost was $50. Yet we saw 22 more classmates and guests attend the reunion that cost $34 more per person.

Of course, reunion attendance is based on a number of subjective and sometimes uncontrollable factors, such as the closeness of the class when they were in high school and how far classmates have to travel to attend. But it is definitely not based on ticket price.

Here are a few other reunion truths worth sharing:

High School Reunion Bucket List

A high school reunion can be much more than the cliched events we see in the movies. Check off a few of these reunion bucket list activities during your reunion weekend to make it an especially unforgettable event.

Remember the Memories

Remember all the stupid things you did in high school in the name of fun?

Sneaking out of your parents’ house, mailbox baseball, toilet papering, keg stands?
Check out what happens when a bunch of guys pay tribute to their high school years.

Click on the video below:

When was the last time YOU partied like a high schooler?

What Will Your Reunion Be Like?

Like the kids in the Breakfast Club, Dazed and Confused, or any other movie specializing in the anxiety of teenagers, each high school reunion celebration has its own unique personality.  Here is a breakdown:

The 5-Year Reunion
At 23 years old, you are finally old enough to drink (legally) with your high school classmates.  So, that’s what you do.  With just a few years separating you from your high school graduation, classmates at a 5-year reunion quickly fall into the cliques so prominent just a few years earlier.  Sure, it is fun to see everyone again, but you haven’t been gone long enough to really appreciate it.   

Benefits:  For the most part, you look much like you did when you were 18, and probably even better. 
Negatives:  Even though you might have lived away at college or joined the workforce, chances are you’re still young enough to not know what you don’t know.  

The 10-Year Reunion
This is a fun reunion party.  You’re only 28 years old, but you can’t believe you’re old enough to have a reunion.  You’re starting to follow your own track: career, family, continuing education, mission work, or some combination of them all.  As a result, you’re breaking away from the rest of your pack of classmates.  This reunion is where you see the beginning glimpses of where life’s journey will take you and everyone else.

Benefits:  You’re young!  Young enough to still remember who won the Homecoming football game, the name of the guy who sat behind you in history, or the taste of the school cafeteria pizza.  It’s a big bonus that no matter how much fun you have, you’re still able to rebound the next day.
Negatives:  This reunion is known for its posturing.  Sure, some classmates still have the need to impress everyone with their job, their salary, their car, or their date.  But the difference between the 10-year reunion and high school is that at this reunion, classmates recognize it.

The 20-Year Reunion
You don’t want to miss this reunion.  Work, family, friends, social, and volunteer activities all keep you busy enough to hardly even recognize it has been 20 years since high school.  And this is the exact reason why you should go.  Your life is very different from your 18-year old former self.  While you may long for those days when your evenings started (not ended) at 10 p.m., you’ve found other priorities.  This reunion is a great reminder of who you were, and how far you’ve come.

Benefits:   You look great!  You may not be able to fit into your high school jeans anymore, but you’ve found your own style and know how to make it work for you.  The best part is you’ve somehow learned to appreciate your classmates for who they’ve become, not who they were.
Negatives:  Knowing your kids will get you up early the next day, have an especially busy work week ahead, or that early flight home might all mean when this party is over, it’s over.  When and how did this happen? 

The 30-Year Reunion
Two years from 50, and you’ve racked up a lot of life experiences.  You all have.  And the fun of this reunion is no one keeps score.  Kids, you’re classmates have them all – elementary, tween, high school, college – and a few may even add grandkids to the mix.  Some classmates are at the top, career-wise.  Others are reinventing themselves for the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) time.  Back to work after having kids, back to school after deciding you want to do something more important in your life, back to being the new guy after 20 loyal years at a downsizing company, and, in some cases, back to dating. 

Benefits:  You can appreciate a good party, and you’re not too old to enjoy it.  Memories have faded – that story of almost getting busted is now much riskier and much funnier than ever before.  Good thing no one else can really remember it either.
Negatives:  Maybe a little less hair, maybe a little more weight, maybe a few extra lines on your face.  But that girl you crushed on every day as you passed her in the hall still looks, as far as you’re concerned, exactly the same.

The 40-Year Reunion
No one appreciates a high school reunion like classmates attending their 40th.  All those experiences you’ve lived through – good and bad – made you who you are today.  You’re mature enough to be thankful for it, but young enough to know some of your best years are still ahead. 

Benefits:  You have the confidence to know who you are, and the freedom to not care what anyone else thinks about the way you look or the way you’ve lived your life.  And, nothing makes you feel younger than being with those who knew you when you were actually younger. 
Negatives:  Life hasn’t been easy for all your classmates.  Sometimes the best reason to go to your reunion is because you can.

The 50-Year Reunion
You have no idea how 50 years have passed since high school, and you often wonder why those friends now look so much older than you.  The boys you grew up with are now grandfathers, and your girlfriends are doing all those things they’ve looked forward to doing in retirement.  You’ve shared heartache, challenges, disappointments and a lot of happiness with your classmates over the years.  This reunion celebrates it all. 

Benefits:  Seeing your classmates and sharing stories is a great reminder that even though you started your journeys through life together, your own adventure was uniquely yours.  There are no negatives about this reunion because in very real ways, you’re just glad to be able to be there.

What do you think your reunion will be like?  Leave a comment (see the link above), or to find out, contact us at info@varsityreunions.com.

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