The fine looking men from the Chaminade Class of 1992. . . . . #25yearreunion #chaminade #chaminadecollegeprep #classof1992 #classphoto #highschoolreunion #eventplanner #eventplanning #varsityreunions

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There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. #valentinesday2018 #valentinesday #thomasaquinas #thomasaquinasquotes #quotes #friendship #highschoolreunion #reunionwisdom #varsityreunions

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High School superlatives have always been popular – Most Likely to Succeed, Best Looking Couple, Class Clown, Most Spirited Classmate – so it isn’t a surprise to see a few show up again at a high school reunion. The Glenbard East Class of 1977 had a lot of fun with their version of superlatives appropriate for classmates who are 40 years out of high school. — If you are planning to have a little fun at your classmates’ expense, it might be a good idea to include a nice bottle of wine with their new title. . . #glenbardeast #classof1977 #superlatives #firsttoretire #traveledthefarthest #agedthelease #lostthemosthair #changedtheleast #divorcedthemosttimes #highschoolreunion #reunionplanning #reunioncommittee #ithappenedatahighschoolreunion #eventplanner #eventplanning #varsityreunions

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Throwback candy for a throwback event. #20yearreunion #highschoolreunion #reuniondecorations #airheads #nerds #smarties #varsityreunions #tbt

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What is a high school reunion without an appearance by the school mascot? The Parkway West Class of 1997 recruited a current student to show up as their beloved Longhorn. Perfect for reunion night photo ops. #parkwaywest #parkwaywestlonghorns #longhorn #longhorns #oncealonghornalwaysalonghorn #mascot #mascots #highschoolreunion #ithappenedatahighschoolreunion #varsityreunions

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Looking for a simple but impactful decoration for your high school reunion? These 3-foot tall inflatable mylar balloons are inexpensive at $10 each and provide a fantastic backdrop for selfies and candid photos. #mylarballoon #graduationyear #classof1997 #reuniondecorations #selfie #photoop #highschoolreunion #varsityreunions

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When the Proviso East Class of 1977 celebrated their 40-year reunion in September, they raised money for a reunion night give-a-way. All classmates received a Proviso East Pirate logo pen, magnet and key chain. Give-a-ways are a hit with classmates attending their reunion. Many classmates wait until right before and even the night of the reunion to purchase tickets, so be sure you order extras so everyone leaves with a fun memento of the event. #provisoeast #provisoeast1977 #provisoeastpirates #40yearreunion #classof1977 #highschoolreunion #giveaway #mementos #reunionplanning #varsityreunions

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Build Excitement for Your High School Reunion Using Social Media

More ideas on using social media to build excitement for your high school reunion from

Most everyone agrees using an image is the best way to share content across social media, especially when using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Since we know many reunion committees rely on these platforms to share information about their high school reunion, we created postable graphics you may download and use to build excitement for the event. You may also want to include the images in your e-mail messaging to classmates.

Try posting a question once or twice a week as you lead up to your reunion celebration weekend.  It is a great way to spark the reminiscing and storytelling your classmates are looking for at your high school reunion.


Using Social Media Graphics to Promote Your High School Reunion

Social media ideas to build excitement as you plan your high school reunion from

If you are part of a high school reunion committee, we know there are probably a hundred items on your to do list – working with the reunion venue, updating the guest list, scanning yearbook photos, managing online registrations, designing the invitation, and on and on – all which fit neatly under the reunion planning umbrella.

We know it is a lot of work.

After all, we do it professionally because so many classmates don’t want to.

So, we developed a new resource to help!

Similar to our How to Use Facebook to Promote Your High School Reunion blog post from last year, we created social media graphics designed to increase classmate interaction before the reunion. You may use the graphics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or in your e-mail messaging to ask questions about the reunion, spark memories, or to just get your classmates talking as you lead up to the big event.

You are welcome to download these free graphics and post as often as you’d like. We hope you and your classmates have fun answering the questions as you reconnect before your reunion.

Check back next week when we’ll post more. If you have any ideas for a fun question to ask, share in the comments below!