Wondering how it works when you partner with a professional planner to organize your high school reunion?  Check out these frequently asked questions:

FAQs about Varsity ReunionsCan’t I plan the reunion myself?
Sure, but do you really want to?  Varsity Reunions does all the work that isn’t necessarily fun when planning a reunion:

* providing all upfront costs and deposits
* finding classmates and updating contact information
* signing all contracts
* regularly sending out information and reminders
* making nametags with your high school photo
* managing all money transactions
* hiring vendors
* working the night of the reunion so you may enjoy the
party as a guest

Remember, people hire wedding planners because they want to enjoy their big day.  High schools hire reunion planners because they want to enjoy their big night.

We want a casual event and don’t really need a reunion planner, right?
Varsity Reunions is happy to help you plan the type of event you think is the best fit for your class.
Reunion committees decide where and when the reunion will be held, and agree to the ticket price.  We take your vision for the reunion and make it happen, whether it is a casual event at a bar or dinner and dancing at a swanky party venue.

Our partnership with reunions committees gives classmates the best opportunity to have a fun, memorable and successful reunion event.

What is the cost?  I want to keep the price affordable for my classmates.
The cost of Varsity Reunions to plan your reunion comes out to about $10 per person more than if you were to plan it on your own.  The services we provide are reasonably priced, and with our experience and resources, we may actually save your classmates money while saving you the work of planning the event.

How do I get started?
Contact Varsity Reunions at:
(314) 647-6565

We’ll discuss your reunion with you, when and where you’d like to have the reunion, and what you would like included – dinner or hors d’oeuvres, cash bar or open bar.  Based on our discussion, we will check venue availability and determine a ticket price.  Once everyone is in agreement with when, where and how much the reunion will cost, we will begin notifying classmates about the event.

Already know where your reunion will be held?  Varsity Reunions will still determine a ticket price per person based on the venue and can easily merge into the reunion planning process.

What do you expect from the reunion committee?
Varsity Reunions does not require any sort of deposit from the committee. The cost of our services are built into the individual ticket price of each classmate attending.

After the initial decisions are made, we hope the committee acts as the cheerleader for the reunion by being excited about the event and encouraging classmates to attend.  We also encourage the committee to gather memorabilia for displays at the reunion, create a music playlist to give to the DJ or program in an iPod, and select menu items.  We’ll keep you updated on the planning process, and offer suggestions on how you can add the personal touches to make your reunion a not-to-be-missed event for your classmates.

Varsity Reunions helps you make the most of your high school reunion event.

Please Call (314) 647-6565 or e-mail at cyndi@varsityreunions.com to discuss your reunion or to set up an informational meeting with you and your committee.