THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  Our reunion was a great success do to your excellent service; several classmates have commented that they thought this was the BEST reunion we’ve ever had.
Paul, Class of 1970 40-Year Reunion
I want to thank you for all your help in putting together a really fantastic 30-year reunion.  Your knowledge and expertise was invaluable in putting together this event and your patience with us was endless.
Randy, Class of 1975 30-Year Reunion
Thanks again for everything you did to make our reunion run so well and be such a special weekend.  Thank you for all of your hard work, time and professionalism that made our reunion such a success.   (And of course, fielding all the calls before, during and after about people with lots of questions, refunds, “suggestions”, etc…You are always so gracious and never even mentioned these things along the way!)
Alicia, Class of 1982 20-Year Reunion
Thanks again for all your help.  We truly appreciate your input and advice over the past several months.  We all felt that the weekend was a great success and the party Saturday night could not have been more fun.  Thank you for allowing us to stay later and for putting up with all of us.  I heard so many wonderful comments from classmates at the end of the night.
Laurie, Steven, Lynne and Howard, Class of 1985 20-Year Reunion

Our hat is off to you and your team.  You did an outstanding job of organizing the publicity for the reunion. Thanks so much for all of your hard work.  The class of 1961 says “Thank you!” Ellen, Class of 1961 50-Year Reunion

I just wanted to thank you for everything that you did for the reunion. Everyone had a wonderful time. I couldn’t have imagined that things would have turned out as well as they did. I have gotten so many nice notes from people saying how much fun they had. Thank you very much.
Kerry, Class of 1993 10-Year Reunion
You did an amazing job and so many people have told us what a great event it truly was.
Mary, Class of 1981 20-Year Reunion
We would like to thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job in helping to plan and carry out our 10-year reunion.  You exceeded our expectations and classmates were very pleased with the biography books, nametags, and venue just to name a few.  We definitely thought your constant communication in keeping us informed as well as your prompt response to our emails made everything less stressful on our end. We applaud your hard work ethic, friendly style, and reliability.
Theo, Kim, Laura and Scott, Class of 1994 10-Year Reunion
Thank you for all of the work you did for our reunion.  It turned out great and everyone had a wonderful time.
Brenda, Class of 1970 40-Year Reunion