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It’s time for your high school reunion!

No other announcement simultaneously brings about feelings of excitement, anxiety (maybe a little), and anticipation, and can even be, for better or worse, the reality check you’re not so sure you wanted.  It is a unique experience, yet one we all share, and much like your first kiss, high school graduation, or buying your first car, it truly is a once in a lifetime event.

We’re here to help.  Since 2001, we’ve had the sincere privilege of partnering with high school reunion committees from around the United States in planning their memorable and fun celebrations.  After working in the non-profit event planning and fundraising sector, we transferred our skillset to provide guidance and support to the classmates who volunteer to create an unforgettable high school reunion experience for their fellow graduates.

We love to be part of this process.  Fostering opportunities for friends and classmates to make new memories while reconnecting, reminiscing, and remembering who they once were is what we’re all about.

Let us help you plan your high school reunion.

By the Numbers

Since 2001…

We’ve worked with 149 schools from Seattle to New Jersey, Houston to Chicago, and throughout the greater St. Louis area.

More than 42,000 classmates and guests have attended our reunion celebrations.

We’ve partnered with almost 450 reunion committees, providing assistance in their planning of unforgettable reunion night parties.



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