5 Things to Do the Month Before Your High School Reunion

Decide what to wear. Whatever the dress code, it is most important to be comfortable in your own personal style.  If you’re more confident in a pantsuit than a cocktail dress, wear it.  No one will remember what you wore, only what a great time they had.  Confidence is the best accessory.
Think about what stories you might want to share at the reunion. Stories about your triumphs, adventures, transformations, or struggles are real and engaging.  You’ll be respected more for what stories you shared than what things you boasted about that night.  But, bring pictures of your kids.

Make plans for a pre-reunion lunch with your best friends from high school so you’ll have more time to mingle with other classmates at the reunion.  The night goes by fast and there will be many classmates you’ll want to see.

Take some time to look through your yearbook or scrapbook.  You may not remember names, but you’ll recognize the faces.  You’ll also be surprised at the stories you’ll remember as you flip through the pages.

Don’t buy into reunion stereotypes and realize that regardless of what life was like in high school, it has been years since graduation.  A lot has changed and who you were then isn’t who you are now.  The same is true for everyone else.  Classmates are generally interested in you, and are looking forward to seeing you at your reunion.  If you don’t feel as if you’ve done anything impressive, so what?  Most classmates haven’t either.

By Cyndi Clamp, Varsity Reunion Services
Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.