Top 10 Reasons to Attend Your High School Reunion

Reason #10  Because you won’t know unless you go!

Reason #9  Some classmates are traveling thousands of miles to be there.

Reason #8  Do you want your yearbook picture to be the last thing they remember about you?

Reason #7  Few events offer the opportunity to go back in time and laugh like a teenager.

Reason #6  We’ll be rocking out to some awesome music from when we were in high school

Reason #5  At a reunion, everyone shows up older, then grows young again.

Reason #4  Because you can’t share a hug or a laugh on Facebook.

Reason #3  It’s not about who you were then.  It’s about who you are now.

Reason #2  It’s more fun to relive memories with those who shared them with you.

Reason #1  Someone there is hoping to see you!